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Roy's TE71 3TGTE  &  KE20 2TGT   Norway

Eric's TE71 3TGTE NZ

Sigves TE71 page
Sigve's TE71 2TG turbo Norway

Kris's KE36 3TGTE NZ

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Rik's ke26...  13x6 superlites, 3" blocks, shortened struts, tints. NZ

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5k with twin DHLB 35mm dellortos, 2" exhaust with martelius headers, k50 gearbox, 16" BBS Wheels, adjustable ride height (at front), vw blue, blue dashlight,
have a 6" TRD LSD yet to put in

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Doug's KE10 NZ

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Dave's jdm '82 TE71 Levin Coupe, 2tgeu NZ

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Umberto's  KE26, 3T powered, lowered on motoform sekta's. NZ

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Whit Rummels 1978 TE51 with mild cam, weber carb and msd ign. NY. USA

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Ryan's 1975 KE35 Corolla SR Coupe with big bore, lowered on Hotwires & Bridgestone Eagers. NZ

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Don Cotto's TE51 Corolla Sport Coupe
if anyone can offer parts for this bad boy please contact Don

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Keelow's 18RG powered KE70 liftback

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Johnny's 4age powered TE27 from Malaysia

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Scott's KE25 SL coupe running 4K (now deceased) from Auckland.  Blue pearl paint, SR wood-grain dash with tacho and centre console, 13x6 cheviot turbo alloys.  top-right pic shows where it came to rest after hitting a ditch.  the front wheel was pushed through the floor. RIP! NZ

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Heath's AE86 from Tauranga NZ.  The engine is a 'red-top' smallport 4age which is usually found in an AE92 trueno/levin.  It's being run by the oem AE86 computer & loom.  The intake is a FWD item and has been cut 'n' shut to place the throttle facing forward.  Heath has fabricated a cold air box for the cone-type air filter and has made an oil catch tank for the cam-cover oil breather.  The extractors are made from pre-bends and welded together then coated in HPC silver.  The exhaust system is 2" with a resonator and muffler.  rear spoiler is a genuine TRD item.. NZ