KE35 SR Engine Doner

1976 ke35 SR coupe running a rwd (ex AE86) 4age

KE35ebay.jpg (35304 bytes)

KE35smokin.jpg (21437 bytes)

View of engine bay

Just testing its smokability! he he he

This car was bought for the engine after I had decided to transplant a 4age into my ke25.   I found this car in the Trade&Exchange.  It was originally built by Mark Harrison and has changed owners a few times before being sold to me for $850.

When I picked it up it was running but had trouble starting and the battery wouldn't charge.  These problems I had later solved and were due to an airlock in the fuel pump, causing fuel starvation. The charge problem was from incorrect alternator wiring.  The 4age is now running in my ke25.  I stripped all i needed from the ke35 then gave it to friends.

KE35lift.jpg (27390 bytes) Basic engine removal principal.  Fully unbolt engine and g-box .  Jack car up, tie engine to A-frame or garage rafters etc.  Let car down.   crude, but it works.
KE35engout.jpg (25565 bytes) Now just roll it away.  The 4age just fit thru the front where the radiator used to be by twisting it sideways slightly.
KE35mtbay.jpg (30412 bytes) Shows empty engine bay.  Hydraulic clutch master cylinder conversion can be seen. (blurred tho)
KE35fuel.jpg (21118 bytes) The reason it wouldn't start was caused by fuel pump mounted above the tank which made it suck air.  Solved by mounting it lower than the fuel level.

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