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    Adam's motorkhana day .04.07
the 'clover leaf' sideways
thanks to Luke Carpenter for pics
bengaldrift01-07-06ke70.jpg (52000 bytes) bengaldrift010706 001.jpg (42390 bytes) bengaldrift010706 009.jpg (76520 bytes) Project Bengal drift day 01.07.06
In-car vid 5 laps
06nats 011.jpg (50309 bytes) 06nats 012.jpg (45060 bytes) 06nats 013.jpg (40755 bytes) NZ 4 & Rotor Nats 06... entry with the Club-K stand
gmdrags05 004.jpg (88966 bytes) GM_drags-072.jpg (40026 bytes) dragskidicon.jpg GM Drags 30.10.05 p/b 14.59 at 153.8km/h.  burnout vid 2mins 6mb
openday0905-051.jpg (37323 bytes) openday0905-013.jpg (34551 bytes) openday0905-045.jpg (62530 bytes) Pukekohe open day 23.09.05 out for some practice
DSCN-1172.jpg (21844 bytes) d1nzdriftschool-029.jpg (61024 bytes) D1NZ drift school 29.05.05, painted matt black friday night, replacement 3tgte fitted saturday, drifts on sunday... usual story
gmdrags 018.jpg (107856 bytes) gmdrags 002.jpg (97511 bytes) ke70skid1.jpg (49779 bytes) GM Enthusiasts Club annual drag day with Club-K.  more pics in events gallery 31.10.04 et 15.32 @ 144km/h
skid vid
d1nzr504 034.jpg (103976 bytes) D1NZ round-5 02.10.04 at Manfeild
ke70skidfestincar.jpg (1494 bytes) skidfest1004 059.jpg (81200 bytes) skidfest KE70 vid 2.34min (4.3 mb) Import skidfest 03.10.04
Manukau velodrome.
d1nzke70r2-04b.jpg (23502 bytes) d1nzke70r2-04a.jpg (25103 bytes) d1nzke70r2-04.jpg (57897 bytes) again thanks Dan from DSD for the pic on the right.  D1NZ round 2 '04 at Manfeild
ke70dori.jpg (53465 bytes) ke70dori1.jpg (61166 bytes) thanks Dan from DSD 'drift-street-drag' for taking these action pics at D1NZ round 6 Pukekohe 31.01.04 3tgte powered!!
ke70-3tgt2.jpg (30761 bytes) ke70-3tgt3.jpg (29299 bytes) ke70-3tgt1.jpg (31681 bytes) she goes! 3tgte running at D1NZ round 6 '03 season
3tgtke70.jpg (254632 bytes) 3tgt-ke7.jpg (193815 bytes) some early 3tgte conversion pics- engine and box sitting in position 24.11.03
d1nz_r4_nzpc_402.jpg (60573 bytes) d1nz_r4_nzpc_411.jpg (54813 bytes) d1nz_r4_nzpc_419.jpg (59418 bytes) thanks to the NZPC crew for snapping these pics at D1NZ round 4 Manfeild Auto course  05.09.03
ke702tgeuside.jpg (40437 bytes) ke70nose.jpg (45881 bytes) ke70taupo.jpg (28804 bytes) D1NZ round 3 '03 Taupo...  Thanks Tracey for the pic
d1ke70c.jpg (9807 bytes) d1ke70b.jpg (12256 bytes) d1ke70a.jpg (10065 bytes) D1NZ round 2 '03 at Pukekohe...  eek body roll =(   pics taken from Wildcard footage
ke70a.jpg (35332 bytes) ke70b.jpg (35288 bytes) ke70c.jpg (27856 bytes) first te71 running gear conversion, 2tgeu + T50 + T292, 14x6 'rising sun' mags 25.12.02
ke70nocarb4k.jpg (25843 bytes) swapped to the 3k-b twin carbs to see if it would go any better ke70hiluxconv.jpg (32258 bytes) pic after some paneling.  failed wof for locker amongst the list of other things..  so swapped in a hilux lsd diff. heh
ke70chassis.jpg (12244 bytes) ke70newlr.jpg (38634 bytes) as bought... $400, 4k & k50 & U312 locker, no wof or regn, big holes down the side, munched r/h guard

KE70 2tgeu conversion info (under construction)
Current spec list here
KE70 3TGTE dyno print-out 118kw 380Nm @ 0.73bar non I/C 06.03.04
best et: 14.59 @ 153.8km/h, top speed 14.73 @ 154.5km/h 30.10.05
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latest update at top:

The KE70 has been regularly entered into the Zerofighter HoriDori drift days for the past couple years. Unfortunately i've been neglecting to update this site. The ct20 turbo has been upgraded to a nissan R33 GTR t28 using a bunch of self made adaptor plates. Initially a china made t28 was used but it didn't survive a drive around the block. The turbine housing from it was used on the nissan t28 since is has a larger A/R ratio and better suited for fitting the 3tgt exhaust manifold. I've made a 3" exhaust from the turbo back to diff using a 3" vee clamp joint and a 3" resonator. Suspension has been upgraded to AE86 BC BR coilovers all round. which required a reduction in front disk size to the ae86 vented disks and calipers. The 4puck clutch was not handling abuse due to clutch kicking with a weak pressure plate. I've now fitted a Clutch Industries Heavy Duty full face organic Hilux clutch which is happily handling the current power level. The last drift day at Taupo racetrack I had a few issues and ended my day with a broken ring land (im assuming).
Another 2 week mish to get the 70 ready for the horidori #4 drift day 15/10/11. Carports aren't a good storage place for cars :( Rust galore! The modified Pulsar GTi-R intercooler is now plumbed in using a mix of oem Estima 2c-t rubber IC pipes and steel 1.1/4 tube and a stainless 50-63mm expansion pipe from turbo to IC. Made a bead crimping tool (cheers Luke) from a modified vice-grip so all intercooler pipes now have beads. Fitted a Racepro BOV to be plumbed back to pre-turbo intake. Replaced radiator with a tt132 Corona item. yet to fit shroud and elec fan. Welded a broken diff link eye and fitted urethane to the remaining eye's. Fixed a lot of age related issues ie split fuel hose, dead spark plug, exhaust leak etc. Made a flange adaptor to fit a Innovate MTX-L wideband meter for tuning purposes. Had a fun day at horidori and won 'Coolest car' trophy. Still tramping and overheating but will be sorted soon. Keen to enter more skid days :)

what a mish.. all of friday, all night and next day sat to 3pm. Big effort from ryan, todd, alex, ed and I. Crank in the 3tgt i was stripping down requires grinding.. pulled out one of the old engines (pick-a-part special) and pieced together a complete engine. no more top inlet pipe or exhaust mounts left in the parts bin?! wtf. made do with te71 exhaust side engine mount with drilled holes for turbo support bracket. Installed some 7mgte 440cc low imp injectors. had to cut/solder new plugs to suit them. The 3tgte afm needed alot of adjustment to compensate which was done once we got to the track. doesn't seem to like low rpm once top end roughly in tune. Was overheating as soon as car running good again. Still got old blocked radiator in there. Car handling like balls too, can't believe i've gone so long without any serious attention to suspension! need drop arms (anti tramp) on lower diff mounts and urethanes put back in. also camber plates, rca's and coilovers. cutties and std shocks are too shit for this now. But at least car is going and won't take much to get handling well.

removed the throttle warmer water line from front of engine. used oxy set to melt the braze joint and split away from the oil line. this now leaves room for some wiring conduit to hide down there instead of across top of engine. also trying to find any easy alternator upgrade.. 20v parts fitted in the pic but is not 'bolt up' except water pump pulley. Stripped down bottom end... bugger. add to my list of things to do.. bearings! some of the mains and big end bearings are down to the copper so will require replacement. Crank doesn't seem to look too bad but will find out once measured.

drift withdrawl symptoms... trying drift on street with a fwd. uh oh. entered the next manji drift day at meremere. Another 3tgte dragged out from the rack and cleaned up. Degreased and painted block black. Ordered a new bottom end gasket set for a 3tc as well as some new thrust washers. this engine been stored for about 10 years so seals likely to leak oil. It originally had a 4.3kg flywheel and HD clutch so the crank thrust beaings have worn. more to come.

Managed to install the kaaz lsd in the ke70 before heading away on my OE. Took for a strop down the road with big grins on return :D works well, no noises either! pulled 3tgte out and sold it that day so ke70 now parked.

well well, all things come to an end. I've sourced a 1980 TE71 Trueno shell (deregistered) to build as a track only car. Having 9 cars around, most of them projects is getting a bit much, never enough time to finish anything. Also trying to keep this car road legal whilst constantly changing it from it's original trim is getting harder and harder to achieve without mr plod and mr wof man pulling me up for it. I've figured the cheapest way to get drifting is build a dedicated track car which won't cost so much. So plan now is strip out the ke70 coupe, sell the shell and start building the te71 up as a dedicated drifter. Am looking forward to it, but unfortunately cant start til current priorities completed. TRUENO TURBO on the horizon!

Altezza Kaaz lsd now fitted into rt132 F series 4.1:1 head. Using TA6#/RA6# toyota workshop manual for diff assembly specs. It's now ready to go, woot. Interestingly when i'd initially sat the lsd carier in the head i had to grind a small section out of the diff housing to clear the crown wheel retaining bolts, but once all bolted up there was enough room so probly wasn't neccessary. Entered a motorkhana run by Adam (the Canadian) for NSCC which ended up a driftkhana as none of the nscc guys showed, yet there were about 6 of us toyotas ready to roll. fun was had by all heh heh. Pic below shows drag/drift? damage to ke70 diff links after using harder urethane (home made) bushes.

kaazlsd broken diff link

Entered Project Bengal drift day on the 24th dec 06.. fitted replacement 3tgte (cheers tup and alex) after stripping it down to the bare block and head. frost plugs removed and air blasted thru the water galleries. Inspected big ends and oil pump etc, new gaskets and seals fitted where needed. all assembled and fired up 1am. RT132 gt F series diff top mounts moved and welded along with spring perches swapped to te71 ones. locker reinstalled and fitted to the car. adjustable panhard fitted woohoo. First cane down the road and radiator blocked up again. flushed out and got to track 1pm.. engine ran into the red all day and tyres felt like balloons, found out half were low on pressure argg.. rush jobs never work out.. next time eh

Track day very wet!! made for an interesting day with slicks and open diff heh. Bought some Brembo Peugeot 504 vented fr disks 273x20mm, re drilled the mounting holes to 4x100mm as they came with 4x98mm.. after fitting to the ma45 hubs, found there not much room to fit a caliper mount behind em due to too much offset.. so found that MX73 cressida hubs are thinner and bolt up to ma45 strut so fitted these.. yet to decide on which caliper to use. In the mean time have bought 'Bendix metal-king plus' pads for all four corners to reduce brake fade. Adjustable panhard rod now completed. Using the RT132 panhard, cut the diff end eye off and welded on an M20x1.5mm bolt to suit a 20mm id rose joint with M20 female thread. Fabricated it to 835mm between centers with rose joint in middle of adjustment range. Now fitted TE71 radiator with std shroud but with thermo switched electric fan.. still running hot at 3/4 on water temp gauge, had radiator flushed which improved it but after track day found the cores to be clogged with rust flakes again so suspect the 3tgt block needs a good clean out of sediment.

adjpanhard.jpg (22.5kb)

Doing some rust work at da mo in preparation for club-k track day in November!! can't wait :) also plan to have the brakes and suspension finished by then... should have camber plates made, coil-overs fitted to the front struts finally. Buying DBA vented-slotted disks for the front with caliper mounts and newer calipers with street pads fitted.. Down the rear i've pulled the F series diff and having top mounts moved inwards and swap to te71 spring perches. Will be fitting the Altezza kaaz 2way lsd into a 4.1:1 ratio live axle head, Am changing to 4.1 instead of 3.9 because of the higher entry speed into the sweeper at Pukekohe Racepark.. as i am gaining confidence in the drift, entry speeds increase so now instead of entering at 140-150km/h and down changing to 4th gear... i'll hang onto 5th, and hopefully start getting competitive for D1NZ. In the mean time the old TE71 disk brake diff is installed with open diff boohoo, but very interestingly the 10" disks and brake setup from the RT132 F series rear bolts up using backing plate, caliper and disk by just pulling axles out to swap over backing plates etc.. no need to modify or change brake parts to swap between diff's. Bought some Konig Rewind 15x7" zero offset alloys from Drury Tires mmmm love em but front track a bit too wide argg. Now it's a matter of time and money... bring on track day!

diff39lockmod.jpg (38.8kb) diff41f.jpg (41kb) altezzalsd-014.jpg (47.5kb)

Entered another 'project bengal' drift day 01.07.06 (pics in events gallery). bought some TT132 corona lower control arms from pick-a-part which are bolt in to ke70 but are 10mm longer which equates to another degree negative camber.. (ke30 lca's are identical). so when installed i now have 1' neg (with ma45 strut, ae86 p/s steering arm, no camber plate). Also turned up some more urethane bushes to suit the bigger bolt on the corona diff links. and oh what a difference! under steer is back to minimal and quite controllable. (see the in car drift vid). fitted a TT132 radiator which is a bit of a squeeze because its way too tall and only just clears the bonnet, also too wide for the std mounts. last weekend modified the early type te71 instrument panel fitting some 'NZ new' AE82 FXGT 240k speedo and 9000rpm tacho. it wasn't a bolt in due to them being thinner.. so used some 6mm think perspex mounted to the back of the gauges which then adapts the different bolt pattern too.. then fitted the te71 needles for clearance. more on the conversion in 'tech' section.

bengaldrift01-07-06ke70.jpg (52000 bytes) gaugeswap-013.jpg (26100 bytes)

Entered 'project bengal' drift day last monday with fellow ToyCrazy members. Mad mish as usual. Have bought and installed a TT132 (or RT132 Corona 2000 GT) 'F series' 7.5" disk brake diff. It measures 1415mm wide and has 10" solid disks and calipers identical to jdm ma45 celicaXX (has #1402 on caliper). Axle bearings are same as te71 ie dac453572 and backing plates have same bolt pattern to housing so parts can be swapped from T series 6.7" disk brake diff and vise versa. Many things bolt up like sway bar same as te71, shock mounts in same spot, bottom diff links in same spot, diff links are same length, te71 handbrake cables bolt up, diff air vent and brake lines in same spot.. The differences are: spring perches are a smaller diameter and sit slightly wider. top links are wider by about 14mm ea side, the diff link bolt holes on F series diff are 14mm compared to te71's 12mm, so i'm making up custom nolathane bushes with 12mm bolt one end of diff link and 14mm bolt on the other. The panhard rod is roughly 40mm out from te71 diff so have temporarily shortened an MS112 Crown panhard by about 15mm to make it 1835mm long, also had to narrow the panhard's chassis end 'eye' to fit the ke70. Am going to make an adjustable length panhard when time allows. I'm also making offset and adjustable length top links instead of cutting and moving the top diff mounts. At the moment I've pulled the top links out wider to bolted em up which has effectively shortened them and has pulled the diff pinion angle upwards. The new top links will fix this problem. At the drift day i had a few instances where the pinion flange has hit the driveshaft tunnel eek! Have swapped in the 3.9:1 locker from previous MS112 F series in the mean time until the Altezza Kaaz LSD is converted to live axle. Will be welding on te71 spring perches in correct spot. the calipers were bled in and discovered one to be seized so swapped on some ma45 calipers to get me going. hmm and that was all done as an all nighter the night before drift day heh. Also installed an electric fan donated from an ae101 levin or st183 celica (cant remember) which was originally a front mount, but now mounted behind radiator and power wires reversed to run it backwards. I've wired it using the diagram out of a Haynes ke70 workshop manual which uses a temp switch and relay to power it up as temps get hot. The temp switch was screwed into the 3tgte thermostat housing replacing the brown cold-start-injector sensor as i didn't require it in our mild weather. The power's sourced off the main relay in the engine bay fuse box and an extra fuse added in line with the fan. On the sunday before drift day we swapped the exhaust manifold which had an audible crack in #4 runner and fitted with new manifold gasket. Whilst at it, we ground the wastegate port larger by approx 1-2mm in the hope of reducing boost creep. I bought some 2nd hand bridgestone potenza 8way adjustable rear shocks and shortened em by 50mm to keep the King Springs captive. Their condition are a bit dubious but are much better than the std 24yr old toyota-kyb shocks! Drift day was hella fun but had overheating probs :(


hmmm wow.. lessons learned!  as always left it to the last minute..  stripped out interior except dash and painted interior metal panels matt black to match the outside.  Engine bay completely stripped bare and due to time running out.. sprayed engine bay with 2 cans of gloss black!  then started bolting back together after either cleaning or painting/polishing etc which was done 2 nights before i had to enter the show!  arg.  spent the remaining day assembling the whole car and was drive able 7.30pm the night before.  spent the morning at the show grounds cleaning the car after not washing anything heh.  mad.  due a power cut was unable to get car ready for the drag day on sunday so ya win some, ya lose some.  Intercooler mods complete but not fitted yet.  GTiR tanks have had ends cut off at 45' and mandrel pipes welded on.

ke70painted1.jpg (68955 bytes) ke70painted2.jpg (61887 bytes)

A new year, more plans!  didn't do f... all over holidays so am going nuts over next few weeks to get ready for nats.  Have bought a racepro BOV, 2.1/4" mild steel piping to plumb the GTiR intercooler in.  Some Potenza 8way adjustable rear shocks (chur matt).  Ditched the 11" brakes idea for now and just fitting TA63 10" vented disks which bolt up to ma45 hubs...  need a wider caliper to suit but will be much easier to fit.  Polished late 2TGEU thermostat outlet and fitted to 3tgte :)

mods-002.jpg (6865 bytes) 3tgte-thermostat-cover.jpg (14467 bytes) intakemods3tgte.jpg (56457 bytes)

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