Corolla KE70 Wagon

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1980 Toyota Corolla KE70 1300cc wagon (estate) 2-door
The daily driver/parts hauler/weekend cruiser to be...

current spec list

Have now installed a corona TT132 wagon 6.7" diff which should handle 200hp and has bigger drums. It's also 15mm wider so gives extra track width. The mounts are a little wider and the locating pins are larger diameter but sit together ok for now using the TT132 lower plate with shock mount and U bolts but using the KE70 leaf rubbers and U block. Will be making some custom lowering blocks with offset eyes and diameters so it bolts in without modifying the mounts. The KE70 handbrake cable bolts in. KE70 driveshaft for a 6" diff not suitable for this so will use a te71 shaft.
Also scored a CE71 W56 diesel wagon hydraulic pedal box from pick-a-part, same one as found in TE71's so this will be fitted. Whilst at pickas i grabbed some bmw 5" semi sealed headlights.. unfortunately they're the flat face type which imo don't look as good. Found they have a smaller H1 bulb and different locating brackets.. but a little time with the sidecutters fixed this issue :) Inside the lense was pretty hazey like it had a layer of talcolm powder stuck to it.. managed to remove it by jamming a ball of steel wool and water/jif in there and swishing it around. Would be much easier just sourcing a normal H4 5" semisealed headlight heh.

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The dx parked up for now. been shopping tho, picked up an ae70 A series K50 5speed which will bolt in using the original ke70 cable clutch on the back of a 4age with a suitable clutch plate to match. This will be the simplest setup to run. Got hold of 2nd hand replacement doors and hatch to save me doing rust repairs woot! picked up a tt132 corona wagon diff which measures pretty close to bolt up and is a T series 6.7" diff with drums 1415mm wide. Leaf mounts are about 15mm wider total so could try jack the leaves out or make offset lowering blocks or cut and move the mounts over. looking out for a gt4 torsen rear diff for it hmm. The tt132 rona pedal box looks surprising similar to a te71 hydraulic clutch type pedal box so will investigate further.

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Bought this off trademe as a quick fix project due to the ke26 requiring to come off the road for a few weeks for maintenance. Unfortunately I had to vacate my workshop right about this time and couldn't get it panelled/painted.  The car was bought minus running gear. It was advertised as having a 'modification declaration' for 4age transplant (these were issued prior to 1992 before lvv certification came into affect)... So didn't have engine, gearbox, driveshaft, loom/ecu or mounts for that matter... just a std ke70 crossmember.  It has working brakes and diff. I have all 4age running gear for it (except ae7/ae8 engine crossmember) but don't have the mod cert as the seller couldn't find it when car was picked up.. so i've picked out a 2TGEU to install instead for the time being. It'll be run off std 40mm solex-mikuni sidedrafts from the earlier 88222 2TG as the 4age efi fuel system was not there either.  Thanks to Roy in Norway I now have a Euro spec TE71 GT Coupe 88223 2TG intake plenum to suit. Also big thanks to Tup for donating chassis panels for my repairs from his ke70 wagon parts car! woot =)


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