Marks Progress Updates

Entered d1nz round-5 after a two week mad rush to get the ke70 ready.  turned up just in time for scrutineering.  handling issues on the day have made me decide to miss the next one or two rounds to get things sorted.  have swapped in another 3k and a starlet 3.3:1 ratio diff into the ke26, just about rebuilt the whole rear while I was at it.  entered the Manukau import skidfest for some fun in the ke70.. also attended the GM enthusiasts annual drag day with club-K.  pics n vids up in events galleries and on ke70 page.  majority of 'marks corolla site' now moved to toycrazy website.   will be missing the final round :( due to apprenticeship homework...eek

I'm a lazy bugga.  not worked on ke70 at all.  Have bought myself a ke26 wagon to replace the white ke25.. more practical etc.  stoked to have found one in such original and reasonably rust free condition!  the ke25 will be for sale.  need to tidy a few things before it sells tho.  the 'arfabuck' website will cease to exist after November '04... all will be moved to

Tend to be working on friends cars more than mine =(  haven't worked on ke70 since it came off the road about 4 months ago... I think I got drift withdrawal symptoms?   keen to get stuck into it again.  Am tidying up white ke25 a little...   will sell it and get a ke26 or ke70 wagon when time is right.  TOYCRAZY.NET website is progressing... been adding plenty of event galleries on it.  D1NZ round-4 was cool to watch, pity bout it bucketing down before lunch and sucks that I couldn't compete!

Installed the 2.5" exhaust before round 1 of D1NZ.  Goes better now =)   KE70 shocks are shagged and handling pretty crap in the dry so was having a bit of trouble whilst drifting...  in the wet was good.  I've decided to rebuild the KE70 from ground up.. ie panel and paint, engine reconditioned, suspension/brakes upgraded, intercooler fitted and intake mods completed,  finish splicing in the 3tgte loom... and so on.  really need to get it certified for road use so now's the time since D1NZ round 3 is at Ruapuna in the Sth Island and I can't really afford to go... The fun begins =)

Ran 15.2sec @ 148km/h (10.6psi non I/c) on my first pass (practise run) at the last night of the nitespeed dragwars.  but had a slower 2.4sec 60' time which means that the current setup is capable of a high 14sec 1/4mile on a normal launch.  Only had one other pass which I backed off early.  dyno run showed 118kw at wheels on 10.6psi.   I've picked up a 2.5" exhaust and supra intercooler for the ke70 along with getting my hilux diff rebuilt.  hopefully have some parts installed before the next D1NZ drift day on Easter Friday 9th April at pukekohe.

been a while....  3TGTE KE70 conversion still running.  D1NZ drift nats was really freakin wet but fun nontheless.  much improved torque with 3tgt so ke70 drifts a lot better now.  was a mad rush to get it running tho.  #3 injector needs a clean.  managed to snap another T series disk brake axle and crack the diff's side bearing.... 2nd gear snakeys @ around 5000rpm in da wet.... BANG!  soon to work on the long awaited hilux lsd diff conversion.  ran 15.4sec @ 142.5km/h pass at Meremere on 8psi (non intercooled).  since then I've tried it at 10.6psi on the street and holy crap what a difference! =)

Starlet is sold.  KE70 wasn't ready so had to miss drifting at round 5 but went to Mansfield anyways =)  great to watch for once.   3tgte conversion well under way.  Drive line is all ready to go and have now completed water, oil, fuel and exhaust systems.  Yet to finish loom and bolt dash and external trim back on... trying to be ready for D1NZ round 6 drift nats on the 31st at Pukekohe... 1 week to go.    Am running the 3tgte in factory form albeit pod filter and H/D clutch pressure plate.  The new ke25 has wof and regn...  have been replacing/fixing a lot of bits over Christmas holidays.  Its good to be daily driving an old corolla again =)  sure gets the respect!

Bought a '72 ke25 this week which  is to replace the starlet for daily hack when the 70 is being worked on.  The new ke25 needs some work for wof but not too major.   black interior rocks!  has 114.3x4 studs on front end, 4k & 5spd with lumpy cam, 3k-b dizzy, twin carbs, extractors, new exhaust pipe, completely black interior, black engine bay and black underneath.  Original body colour was orange, then repaint in yellow and is now white.  ke70 finally off the road with tt142 diff pulled out last nite.  tonite we unplugged and unbolted the 2tgeu ready to come out.   yup things are happenin!  hilux diff is having mounts changed over to te71 size too...  and is definitely a hilux 8" G series diff rather than the F series 7.5" as I had thought.  size wise they look the same...but there are noticeable differences for instance the 'diff head' studs are both 10 bolt, but the F has a stud in dead centre at top and bottom whereas G has bolts in centre at the sides.  also the G series bearings are in the end caps rather than the F series' press-in-the-housing type.   G series axles are massive!  like 33mm diameter on the 30 splines.  can't wait for upcoming D1NZ drift series round 5 at Mansfield (29 nov).  need to have 3tgte installed and running by then, shock- horror.

ke70 - 3tgte progress going slow as can't take it off the road till I have the use of the starlet back. KP62 STARLET FOR SALE!  looking at replacing it with oldskool rolla =)   attended D1NZ round 4 at Manfeild racecourse.  great day!  thanx to Keith and Pun for the stay and Karl, Tim and Mark H (team GD).  the Manfeild September open-day was cancelled on the Sunday which was a bummer!   didn't do too well in qualifying as it was wet in the morning practise sessions, then dried out just before qualifying and didn't adjust to the conditions =(  but got my speed up in the afternoon practise sessions so did a lot better.  (definitely recommend afternoon sessions!)  the current 2tgeu loosing power too =(  hardly ever spun out due to the ae86 p/s steering arms and ke70 wagon rack I installed (more detail in ke70 page).   also installed couple more nolathanes, found some lower King springs for the rear and shortened the rear shocks to suit,  added passenger racepro bucket and finally bought my Personalised plates.  bought a ke70 twin headlight setup with grill off Harry Landkroon so should add that little bit of uniqueness to the drifter!  also BIG thanks go out to DRURY TIRES for the great deals!  couldn't afford to drift withouts ya's,  Glenn and Andrew cheers for the starlet parts =)

bought a 3tgte with box and loom to install into the ke70 =)  installed the w55 supra box from ta63 3tgte into ke70 behind the 2tgeu.  more details on ke70 page.   attended D1NZ round 3 at taupo 05.07.03.  didn't do so well, tyres too sticky I think.  but fun all in all.  starley not being sold any more?  Jaycar air/fuel meter kit installed into ke70.

added an MS65 Crown oil cooler with 3tgte samwich plate and thermostat manifold to ke70- fwoar wikked cooling!  runs about 1/4 gauge now instead of just above 1/2!  my te71 radiator not in the best cond.  Went to the 2nd annual Toyspeed trackday last weekend at Taupo. Great drift practice see here for pics...2tgeu used to boil after a hard session on the track but now it stays at 1/4 gauge all the time!!  even towing an 86 from Cambridge to aucks I kept a constant 100k's even up the Bombays and temp didn't go past 1/2! so yeah pretty stoked with that mod. =) mark H also got his ke20 on the road again. had a good blat on the track too.  will get some pics up on his YLDTOY 3SGTE powered ke20 soon... pity on the prang dude =(  have now sourced a 1970 ke25 sprinter bonnet which I hope to make a few fibreglass replica's for any peoples interested.  have changed my ke25 plans somewhat over past few months.  not going to go too hard on engine as I'd like to keep it daily driver but still have a mild turbo/ high compression bluetop 4age under the bonnet with hybrid early T50 instead of W57 (overkill) and 7.5" lsd diff. =P Body and interior wise I'm replicating the jdm te27 as close as possible but hopefully in show condition when finished  =)  adding a jaycar air/fuel gauge kit to ke70 to monitor mixtures more closely.  3tgte conversion becoming more of a reality for ke70 =D  knarley starley being sold but still in da family.

just came back from yet another great track day.  the 'first of the season' Manfield open day- WIKKID!  understeer mostly gone now, brakes are great, tramping seems to be sorted too.  fitted ma45 Celica/supra mk1 struts with 10" solid disk, bucket seat and more -see ke70 page...  installed them the day before the D1NZ drift day at Pukekohe. raceway on the 27th.  didn't get a chance to get wheel alignment so had some crazy 10 degrees total of toe!  wandered why it was a bit twitchy and I kept spinnin heh heh =)  all sorted now.  D1NZ was interesting =) first time on pukekohe track!  but too many straight parts in between the corners =P started practising the feint drift so I can link one corner to the next.  managed to successfully link 1st-2nd corners a couple times but need more speed to make the third.  first session of manfield showed some understeer when fitted with crap front tyres at 175.65.14 and larger 185.70.14's on the rear but drifts well with grippy 185.60.14's on front and (pies) 175.65.14 on rear.

had yet another go at the drags with 17.0 on the first run.  different suspension setup this time with really hard rear springs/shocks.  managed to snap the gearstick on the 3rd run, missed fourth, over-revved the engine and spun a bearing, so spent the weekend swapping in the spare 2tgeu. Bugger!  found out lurethane barstock can be bought from Paykels Engineering so custom suspension bushings can be turned up... guess what I'm doing right now =)  setting up the ke70 for the next D1NZ drift day held at pukekohe Sunday 27.04.03.. can't wait!

Attended two track days at taupo, the first on 18th Jan organised by the new D1NZ committee.   an AWESOME day for spectating and drifting!!  a must see for upcoming events! follow D1NZ in links page for more.  found an understeer problem at higher speeds in the ke70.  there's a feature drift article in march issue of NZPC of D1NZ event.  two pics of me, one with my arse out =) and one of understeer, icky!  2nd organised by Dave (loony) on Toyspeed which is the best track day I've had!  managed to improve my drift quite a bit but am hindered by bloody under-steerage Grrrr! more on that in ke70 page.   installed nolothanes in lower diff links, rear enduro's replaced with used G-Grids, installed 30% up-rated Celica clutch with 4.35kg aftermarket 3tgteu flywheel. re-ran down meremere drags, with another 16.9, better acceleration but slower launch with horrific axle tramp. should hopefully see low-mid 16sec 1/4 when tramping is sorted

Hmmm, those holidays went quick!   pulled out lsd and replaced with te71 6.7" locker for next drift day.  2tgeu is all ok with 200psi compression on all four cylinders, nice fat spark and recalibrated airflow meter.  lumpy idle still there. went to nightspeed drags in ke70 with pb of 16.9 sec 1/4.  seat of pants is pretty accurate =)

happy Christmas all. =)  I've finally completed the 2tgeu swap and the ke70 is back on the road.  much better performance compared to the old 4k-b.  seat of the pants would put it in the 17sec flat bracket down the 1/4 and it has more potential.   encountered a lot more hiccups doing the swap than expected.  mods required will need an LVV cert. =(  but I believe I could still pass a wof as it looks factory spec.

well all I can say is shit happens and don't drive a Subaru.  my bro has had his suby off the road for over a month now and so he's driving my starlet till he gets it back so no 2tgeu swap for me =( been busy so no updates on the site.  got shitloads of pics to put up...  but anyways, found out I can't just bolt the te71 recirculating ball steering and pedal box into the ke70.  which means I need a cert coz of custom fabrication. more details to follow in ke70 page.  my 'so called' hilux diff may actually be a Celica/supra 7.5" lsd but either way I can't complain.  my starlet now boasts a 4k so I've been down to manfield in that in September.  it was hell fun but only in the wet parts.

went for wof Thurs, failed on a few minors.  fixed them then went back sat (day before planned trip to manfield) car was sweet but then the assessor decides to ping me for the locker. AARRRRGG.  couldn't get another diff swapped in time before the testing station closed. didn't get wof, didn't go to manfield.   hilux slipper now in ke70 (powered by 4k) =) hilux axles cant have factory corolla mags bolted on due to larger locating ring. doh! hotwires stick out 1" past the guards =P

OK. shitloads has happened,  too busy to update etc.  ke70 still not wof'd.   last work needed for wof is rust under rear side window.  3tgte is sent and Roy is happy.  found a ke70 dx sedan driveshaft bolts in the ke70 sr coupe perfectly.   ke70 is now all mechanically good.  bought a te71 Levin wreck boasting a hilux 8" lsd diff with the te71 rear disk brakes and te71 114.3x4 stud pattern complete with nolothane bushes.  shortened driveshaft.  2tgeu, t50 box, king springs etc.   was rolled so the body's munted.  still driveable tho.  don't need to strip my te71 (trueno shape) any more.  cut the rear quarter off to patch up my ke70 rust holes.  the Levin is completely stripped and the bits ready to go into the ke70.   if all goes to plan I'll have a wof this weekend and will be heading to manfield on the 29th.

shed is built, yay! send 3tgte overseas hopefully this weekend. ke70 just needs the rust done and find a driveshaft before wof, hope to have done before manfield track-day in two weeks.  put twin carbs, te71 radiator and big bore on ke70.

ok, got some priorities. 1st: build a 'parts' shed and send Roys 3tgteu. 2nd: get the ke70 warranted/registered then sell starley to my brother.  3rd: swap te71 running gear/interior etc into ke70.  get rid of te71 body.
this way I only have two cars, one daily driver/drifter, the other the project car.   also have finally got a wof for the starley after some long awaited rust repairs =)

change of plan.  found a reasonable ke70 hatch (same shape as te71) which I can swap all my te71 running gear onto  $400 but no wof/regn.  may still buy Keith's drifter te71 Levin around august?? Bought a 3tgteu for Roy in Norway which I'll send over to him. received some ta63 carina 10" vented front struts and rear brakes, nice.

found in Pick-a-part some ma45 Celica struts which I bolted ae85 steering arms to, $44.   ae70 steering arms $12.  got a good door for the starlet so no need to do rust repairs for wof $38, also found a factory tacho instrument cluster for the kp62 $26. hopefully if all goes well I'll be the new owner of a te71 Levin by the end of June '02

still saving, rust repairs in progress on ke25, bought more ke25 parts inc 130w/90w headlights, black interior trim, g-box crossmember, fuel tank and the panels I need to replace the rust $200

maybe buying another roadworthy te71 (2tgeu) setup for drifting (from Keith pun). to use once a week only on drift outings.

Put TVIS butterflies back in the 4age. Found that 20v quad thottles need many mods to fit but 2tg 40mm sidies will fit if a manifold is made..

did an engine swap from 3k to 2k in kp62 (the 2k I had running in the SR). a backwards step I agree but it got me to Wanganui (6-7 hours drive) for some white-water tubing while drunk! ha ha.  bought some 20v quad throttles too.  ke25 still sits quietly waiting for its birthday. Te71 probly won't be touched for another year???

well... getting slower and slower...but now starlet has new wof and regn.  and about time too!   I've had to fix four rust holes,  replaced front shocks, got wheel alignment and replaced a door. +put dash back in and replaced a few light bulbs. $$$! over a month's work for me. still plan on transplanting the 4k-b & 5spd.  spent last weekend at nz four & rotary nats, took 7 rolls of film so I have plenty of pics to scan!  coming soon...(maybe) heh

Bought the 4k and SR dash, console and parts for $150.  progress very slow.  am thinking to keep bigport 16v as it would have sufficient power for its intended use.   later red/black top bigport sounds better engine if modified, but dunno?  have stripped out starlet dash/heater etc and currently fixing some rust holes.

Just bought k50 5speed for $75.  Have sold the factory 13" alloys from the sprinter to my flatmate for $70.  Found a possible 4K for my starlet from a friend who's crashed his ke25, also buying some spares like SR centre console etc.

Have been given '85 FXGT front bumper which I'll use on the starlet.  But not much has been done lately on cars.  I'm investigating what's involved in a 20v conversion instead of 16v for the ke25.  This motor would have more favourable characteristics.

Bought a 3tgteu with w55 gbox, computer, partial wire loom, but no knock computer and no turbo.  but I'm planning on using it in the te71 after a few seasons and use a garret t3 or t4 anyway.  cost $200.  a friend has given me his supposedly damaged 20v which is now sitting in my garage.  he had the engine swapped because a broken cambelt supposedly wrecked the engine.  but there's no visible damage???  I'll soon find out the deal there.  I have this idea that my next project car will be a '77 ra28 gt Celica.  But not until the ke25 has been put to good use. 

One week left on ke25 warrant of fitness. Just bought a kp62 starlet, have a few plans for it already. The te71 coupe has nearly been stripped out. The engine compartment is getting better now with aircon and heater stuff removed. Lately went to Meremere dragstrip in the ke25 and ran a 15.709 pass at 88mph. Not bad in my opinion. Hopefully will get in low 14's when rebuilt. New web pages underway ....again. Should have these up soon.

...mods so far since buying the car in march 2000.
random order.
mags from t&e, Cheviot hotwire 4 of 13x7,  4.1/2"x4 stud patt, polished, 2x 185x60 directionals (front), 2x 185x60 cross pattern (rear), with wheel nuts and 2 hub/disks from kp61 starlet to suit stud pattern. $240.  to get these wheels to fit my stud patt, (110mm pcd), swapped hubs to starlet ones but had to use original disks because the calliper spacings are different(ke25 calliper closer to hub). the rear wasn't so easy. originally I used a spare pair of half axles and redrilled them using a milling machine and digital readouts, with help to position the holes correctly from the toolmaker's at work ;) I do not suggest scribing, spotting, and drilling with a drill press! once finished and all studs moved, the wheels didn't fit, F*&K why the FARRRK had I drilled them to 108pcd????? jump up and down, curse curse curse! afterwards I decided they would be a little bit weaker anyway. so next idea was to find some shafts with the correct stud pattern. I tried some from a ke35 sr coupe which were free, only difference was the length was longer. so I shaved 4mm off the splined end (lathe) and hey, it fits!. also found the distance between axle bearing and flange to be about 1/2" wider, must use ke35 drums because of this! and it sticks the wheels out further too.

Was offered set of Simmons by a guy at local lunch bar, went to house to check out, didn't fit but had a momo top power steering wheel. bought for $70 :) also same guy gave me ke35 parts. his boss kit was munted so referred to t&e and bought $40 momo boss kit to suit

My bro gave me razo pedals! he works at Subaru wrecker, what a cool brother! has lately given me Kenwood krc685r tape/radio deck!!! yeah baby :) Kenwood 150w 4" speakers, full FXGT 4age wire loom and computer if I need it, and starter motor because mines f*&ked.  I love my brother now

swapped 3k twin carb engine for 2k (only temporary). very gutless. motor from t&e, farmer had crashed Jap import starlet, only wanted doors, sold engine for $60. 80K on odo. very good nik. I put in my car at no cost. all parts bolt in fit. used 3k exhaust manifold to fit 2 pipe exhaust flange, later used 4k carb, better top end but sucked gas. must use starlet engine mount rubbers because (engine side) mounts are wider. took 2 days to complete because inexperienced!

popped muffler with backfire while pushstarting (flat battery), replaced with standard mitsy mirage type, cut off mounts and sitting in there with wire mount (temporary) $20

replaced ashtray and centre console to remove some cigarette burns (fussy huh?)

cut out double din size hole in console to fit alpine cd+tape/radio+equaliser, mounted in and wired up.  sounds nice now.

new spark leads $25

t&e found guy wrecking ke25, a failed rally project, took as much as could fit in parents corona and my ke25, including all interior, 3 sets grill/light trim, pair bumpers, 2 good rally tires, all windows, pair doors, spare struts, hard as springs, also trolley jack, pair ramps, mountain bike, $70 ha haaa yeah

t&e parts from ke20, 4k intake/carb, whole front end - guards, grill, lights, bumper.... $80

flatmate put dent in roof -bloody wanker!- his panel-beating job will come in handy me thinks!

T&E found T50 5spd gbox (2t bellhousing) 22spline shaft $50

bought ke35 sr coupe for $850. has 4age conversion from ae86, crappy fake momo wheel, simota type cone air filter and intake tubing, 2.1/4" exhaust with resonator and super-turbo muffler, lowering king springs front, solex locks, shortened/balanced drv shaft, t50 gbox, fuel pump suit 2.5-5.0 ltr engine, nr new sprinter radiator, wiring loom from ae86, useable but not quite complete, cpu from ae92 w TVIS, cert for 3a engine, no wof/regn.

bought '67-'74 haynes corolla workshop manual, bloody handy this book, from $20 for book, yeah :) $20 postage, doh :(

add MoMo horn button taken from ke35, s/s screws $2.60 mounting bracket $5, outer ring $25 will polish when got time.

found w55 gbox in pick-a-part, had to pull from toyota Mark II Corona wagon, has bell-housing suit 2y engine, no chunks in oil, shifting feels smooth, $60 ! have been offered money for it already

swapped solex locks from ke35-ke25

have been given oil shocks in good nik, which were too soft for mates rally car,  I replaced my rear ones.

bought '68? corona rt40 diff and drv shaft (Wiri car spares) $120, went back later after finding vertical slat grill on ke25 wagon $10, been looking for one a while too. this wrecker has heaps of pre '80 toyota's !

that's about all I can remember to this point (12.12.00)

I plan to rip all gear from ke35 on 13.12.00.