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1973 Toyota Corolla Ke20
2tg with 40mm sidedraft dellortto's on factory manifold, electric dizzy, extractors, cams, lightened flywheel, T50 5 speed with hydraulic clutch conversion, custom engine mounts, electric fan, starlet kp61 114.3x4 hub conversion, AE86 T series LSD disk braked diff, Celica/Supra 15x6 rims
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The TA63 3TGTE Celica shown to the left was stripped of its engine/gearbox/loom and being modified into the the KE20 to the right, which is in project mode with a 3tgteu conversion already under way.  it had originally been fitted with a 2tg but that has since been transplanted into the mustard ke20 above.  The body work has had a touch up.  Front struts are Celica ta63 with 10" vented disks held with modified mx61 Cressida lower arms and ae85 springs/spring carriers.  The diff is an ae86 'T' series 6.7" LSD with the ke20 leaf mounts welded on.  This is connected to a shortened driveshaft with T50 front yolk. 

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1979 Toyota Starlet KP60 bug eye
is currently fitted with a factory
2K ,4 speed.As you can see it has been used as a skid car but has now been parked up for a future project car :)
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1971 KE25 and 1975 KE20 Toyota Corollas ,These cars are rusty old farm hacks and are great skid cars. Rolas_3.JPG (168101 bytes) Rolas_1.JPG (166751 bytes)

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