GX71 Cressida
Drift project

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IMG_0005.jpg (270626 bytes) Originally running a 1g-e with W55 g-box which was all standard fitment.
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I've upgraded the front struts to coil overs with koni adjustable shocks and king springs.

cressida 022.jpg (235445 bytes) King springs and koni adjustable shocks have been installed in the rear.  All thanks to Stocks koni specialist
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Camber plates fitted

1ggte 013.jpg (277815 bytes) pic is of the 1ggte in the donor GA70 supra..   the 1ggte conversion which thankfully is a bolt in affair was completed.  Needed to swap to a front position sump bowl from the original 1G-E and used the GX71 engine mounts.
Update --> -------------
Since installing the 1GGTE and not satisfied... ive sourced, installed and certed a 1JZGTE complete manual conversion from a JZA70 supra.  Custom engine and R154 gearbox mounts done, running the supra intercooler for now, 3puk clutch, std manual version ecu wired in,   the original 7.5" irs open diff was locked but quickly found the bin in favour of a TA63 Celica GT-T LSD.  dayum where'd those tyres disappear to?