TE71 Sprinter Trueno
'Project DRIFTER' Donor Car

This car now in rolla heaven. some remaining parts for sale 05.04.03

--Found a ke70 1.3 SR coupe that will provide the shell for my TE71 drifter build-up--
mechanicals from this TE71 pictured below will now be swapped into the ke70
...the project begins...
Updates on 'project drifter' will continue on the KE70 page

'82 TE71 rwd sprinter coupe 2T-GEU gex-2

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The original plan was to build this sprinter into a rally car.   though that fell through after holding off too long while i was playing round with the ke25.  after two years sitting, the body became too far rusted to be worth fixing.   the sprinter's rusty shell has now been scrapped with remaining parts for sale. The mechanicals were used as a conversion into the KE70 coupe until they got upgraded.

-in the early days when first start working on the car...
TE71 Sprinter is all standard when bought.  I have removed the air-con and heater.   The dash is out along with the interior so the boot is now full of parts.  I have bought a spare 2tg and the twin Solex 40mm sidedraught carbies that came on earlier 2tg's incase efi craps out.  I have also purchased a 3tgteu which i'm planning on rebuilding as a 1800cc 2tgeu turbo at a later stage. 

3TGTE.jpg (27309 bytes)
The 3TGTEU and W55 as bought

2tgspare.jpg (31781 bytes)2tgfrnt.jpg (32146 bytes)
The spare 2tgeu with assorted bits as bought ex '83 TE71 GT Sprinter
funnily, after having this engine and parts sit in the shed waiting for a birthday, i one day discovered the instrument cluster to be near identicle to the ke70's one (but with additional volt and oil pressure guages in it)...  then discovered the tail lights fitted the ke70 also along with the other parts.   have identified them as being out of a jdm '83 te71 sprinter coupe after being told by the seller they were out of a celica.. hmmm.