1975 KE25 Corolla SR Coupe

Enter project AE25! Being built mainly as a street car, to be used for cruises, getting to work and the occasional drag race or motorkhana. Interior and exterior styling converted to oem japanese TE27 Levin parts where possible. Mechanicals are receiving the retro treatment with a toyota 20v 4age twincharger up front and a strong supra drivetrain behind. One aim is to keep every mod a "bolt-on" fit. Using toyota made parts or aftermarket and keeping chassis mods to a minimum.

(22.07.03 KE25 in storage awaiting completion of other projects)

4AGE engine conversion 1999 - 05/2001
Current Specifications

In The Build..


diff n brakes

ke25 body mods

newSR.jpg newSRfr.jpg

as bought... the new ke25 SR. tidy original cond, 12" steelies with factory hubcaps, white fluffy seat covers

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Fitted 13x7 Cheviot Hotwires, 4age & T50 transplant from AE86, RT40 corona diff, KP61 front hubs...

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the ke25
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ke25 sr badge sr84.jpg (2038 bytes)    
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